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Contemporary Art – Arte nella mia seconda pelle

New York - New York Broadway
18/02/2015 - 22/02/2015

Artist Studios Gallery
New York 73 Wave Street - Staten Island NY 10304.USA
+1 917-560-5439, siartistbuilding@aol.com
“Contemporary Art in Arte la mia seconda pelle”
18, 215 Febrary at 8: p.m fbid=1606511059585617&set=a.1606511652918891.1073741940.100006802146810&type=1
Mostra e Performance di Rosa Didonna
“A cura Jjohn Salis e Calvin Motte Art Director presso SIABC
Introduzione Palma Mingozzi
edito dalla Messaggi Edizioni- ITALIA correlato dalla videoArt
del Regista Vito Giuss Potenza
SIABC, 73 Wave Street, SI, in association with Global Art Contemporary Art Gallery, Italy presents Artist, Actress, Poetess, Rosa Didonna in her performance Art in My second Skin, an approach in the creation of Universal harmony, dissimilating discriminating borders, in an exhibition of Mime and costume tracing the Sybil aspect. Open Mic to follow.Because SIABC is bigger than just Staten Island.
We get artists from all over the states and now world.
Looking forward to see everyone supporting this international artist and show them out hospitality.

«Arte è la grandezza dei propri sentimenti, è godere del proprio ascolto, è avvertire la sensazione di plasmare ciò che siamo e ciò che viviamo. E l’amore che mi trasporta come foglia secca verso l’arte e la letteratura è per me spirito autentico della libertà di pensiero in cui ci si può proiettare, fantasticando del futuro come del passato e decidere il presente; è mistero della creazione, destino custodito dagli anni più ingenui fino al giorno di una esplosiva altra dimensione, ad un’altra me stessa in estasi metamorfica nella potenzialità di un Trans-Io iridescente di rinascita».
“Contemporary Art - in Arte la mia seconda pelle” di ROSA DIDONNA

“Contemporary Art – Arte nella mia seconda pelle” (Art in my second skin”
“Without art, man would remain blind to himself and to his inner world.”
The performance of all the arts enhances Universal harmony and brotherhood and arouses feelings beyond all frontiers. Its nature can resonate inner harmonies, raising intense and deep emotions, exerting a powerful influence in all its charm. Art is the instrument of true fraternity, helping to overcome discriminatory borders. During its existence man is the set of collective identity and stands as an individual in which he finds himself sharing and able to stand out as a unique being and at the same time assimilating other beings as belonging to the community.
The intent of the exhibit performance is to reflect on the expression of this current epoch of time, that which Rosa Didonna transmits with her performance “Contemporary Art – In my second skin”. This performance evokes an effective and sensorial resonance through gestures to engage the interpreter and the listener.
The action of performance conditions and predisposes necessity, both by stabilizing relation with others and confirming the existence of the artist herself, Rosa Didonna.
The merit of this extraordinary artist is inherent in her capability to reconstruct a deep understanding of the soul from within the mirror of her own.
What she communicates with her contamination of places is the fruition that lies within the interdependence of herself and others inviting the expression of Art with Mime.
Each and every opus of work is transmitted across the body through action and gesture, and it is in these gestures that she represents the fulcrum of her performance, around which she builds a harmony capable of involving the first person. Every being sees a simulated sharing of self-created experience, by bringing in the gesture of language, and acquiring a specific validity in the imitative act of representation – the principal form of sharing with others.
The performance is represented through synthesis of expressive intensity, of the artist Rosa Didonna, and is in communion with every form of art and discipline.
The idea expressed by the interpreter represents not only an auditory plane but also one of gesturing with consistency, to reinforce the expressive idea in the presence of the user’s fruition.
The message of consecration of the priestess into the arts, High Priestess Rosy, is expressed through the executive act on an altarpiece, the result of an interaction between the planes of thought and the flexibility of her message.
The nature of the performance is subjective and interacts with the act of representation, camouflaging the listener and participating in active form to the Act in scene.
The expressiveness is a fundamental sect of immediacy and emotional mirroring, across the carnal simulation that exists in the renewal of Global Art.
The artist follows across her second skin fluidity, creating a double personality, one that is both psychological and historically analytical, through which she explains the moral regeneration of her persona in the context of society as one that will abhor her, through varied customs as past and present, trace the aspect and style of “Sybil”, a rhetoric figure often used by the author, in the contamination of her art, places, and the person that hosts her.

Spazio espositivo: New York Broadway Città: New York Indirizzo: 473 Broadway Telefono: (212)431-11079 Sito web: www.worldartmedia.com Email: info@worldartmedia.com

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